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BY Jess Campos Tattoo Artist 

Hello my fellow tattoo enthusiast you came to the right place as we are known for the sickest work and most chill vibes ,We serve the east bay area with some of the best tattoos and custom art by the best  artists in the industry. We aren’t your traditional type of tattoo  shop. We’re original on every level — our artwork, atmosphere and attitude. We provide our clients with services and design work  that are innovative and unique through our various specialized techniques. Swing by for a consultation. Or text and Dm us on the instagram account to see  our daily posts instagram : @signature_ink_california 


Nothing Is Out of Reach

We’re extremely loyal to our clients and believe each client’s experience is unique and personal. After all, the specifics and details of each of their needs are extremely important to us, and the quality of our work and open-minded attitude relies on the personal connection we form with all of our clients. Our artists are ready to turn your vision into a work of art. you are here to find an Artist so lets talk about our work, with some of the photos we show below  to see what types of styles we specialize and enjoy doing, lets review the given images on display 


photo realism 


we can create photo lealistic artwork wether its animals or of portraits or 3 demensional objects ,these styles are an eye catching wonder that comes with special attention to detail and with focus and patience these effect come at a higher end of quality ,because they require high precision skill level they also come at a bit of a higher cost but never the less we got you with the best possible rates that range in the industry 

the studio and booking an appointment

Signature ink california is one of the most unique tattoo shops in the east bay area. The comfortable and relaxing atmosphere mixed with the exceptional customer service set it above your average tattoo shop.  we make things like booking and setting up appointments  and making initial deposits simple, first you can start by sending ideas and images of what you like and where you would like to place it and also how soon you like to book, we review the work in question, we send a price qoute and give you info on the amount of time on the chair and schedule availability try us out  we’ll let our imaginations run for the best possible look, style and feel we make tattoo process an amazing experience as artists with years of experience we can't let you down


as we look though the artwork ,notice the flowers and floral designs and black and gray work and pattern designs that make a sleeve flow ,and the religious and greek  art ,as well as script and portrait work ,This is just the beginning. Call us to discuss your tattoo dreams.

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Nothing Is Out of Reach

black and gray tattoo specialty 

we specialize mostly in black and gray tattoo work with the exception of hints of color for those that prefer the look and style ,Let our artists design a Custom Tattoo  for you . With Signature ink California,and jess behind all the creative and artistic aspects of our studio  you’re guaranteed an original tattoo that will keep you happy for the rest of your life 


at Signature ink california  we take care of our clients before during and after ,by preparing you with all the info you need to comfortably make this a seamless and easy going experience 

we advise you on the best possible way to care for your tattoo 

you can also order a aftercare product with us by visiting our shopping website. at

the triple OG tattoo ointment aftercare will go in hand with your next tattoo ,see you soon

This is just the beginning. Call us to discuss your tattoo dreams.

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Jess campos

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